Welcome to Eastgate Oriental City.

The Eastgate Oriental City is an exciting new development in Bristol that makes oriental goods and services accessible to all.

This purpose-built complex was completed in July 2007 and features:

Wai Yee Hong
Chinese cash & carry and supermarket

Water Sky
400 seat restaurant
with outdoor roof terrace

Indoor high street
An Oriental indoor high street
with 7 retail units

Eastville open-air market
Eastville open-air market

Jingdezhen Porcelain

Eastgate Oriental City welcomes the Jingdezhen Porcelain for 3 months. Offers a wide variety of modern and antique porcelain, rosewood furniture, jade as well as other home and pottery items. Items range from works by nationally-acclaimed pottery masters, to items and objects for everyday use.

Vases, Painted and Embroidered Silk Screens, Lacquer frames, Porcelain Lamps, Chinese Teasets, Statuettes and Figurines, Wooden and Porcelain Furniture, Plant Pots and much more!